Inside This Moment: Refreshed Therapist Book Club Spotlight

The Refreshed Therapist Book Club | Inside This Moment Spotlight

It's time to wrap up July's book, and let you know about August's book selection!

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Inside This Moment

In July, we read Inside This Moment: A Clinician's Guide to Promoting Radical Change Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  The authors of this book, Strosahl, Robinson, and Gustavsson, provide clinicians with a blueprint--not only for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), but also for applying their five-phase approach to six common clinical presenting problems. If you're already using ACT, or if you're interesting in learning more about inviting and sitting with "present-moment awareness" with clients, I recommend this read.  Here are a few questions that came up for me as I read the book:

  • When and how is it acceptable to give clients language for their experiences?
  • How do I feel about externalizing "the mind?"
  • What are the benefits/risks to clients of therapists commenting on their non-verbal communication?
  • For therapists, what are the potential risks/triggers/challenges of facilitating clients' focused emotional experience?
Inside This Moment | The Refreshed Therapist Book Club

August's Selection

In the book club, we alternate between personal growth, therapy, and business topics. It's time for a personal growth book, so in August, we're reading Adventures For Your Soul, by Shannon Kaiser.

In the Introduction to the book, Kaiser (2015) says, "Once I boldly explored my fears and used my own joy routes to remove them, I was able to accept my current conditions and more fully love myself and my life. Interestingly enough, the more I loved myself, and the more I followed my heart, the more joyful and successful I became. . . . The tools I share in this book will help you step into what you need most for you own soul's growth" (p. 9-10).

Now, doesn't "soul growth" sound appealing? I shouldn't assume it does, so, let me say: "Soul growth" always sounds appealing to me. What do you do to foster you own soul's growth?

Kaiser's teaching on soul growth will have you learning, resetting, and acting on joy. This book isn't one you will put down and wonder, "What's the lasting impact of this read?" You'll experience the impact as you go through the book, and most likely, for a long time after you've closed the cover.

  • Stay tuned in August for more information on Adventures For Your Soul, as well as September's selection.

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