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You most likely found this site, because you are a psychotherapist in search of community. And, whether you are a student, intern, licensed therapist, or seasoned supervisor, this is a community where you will find resources and support for your life and work.

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I'm Ili--a LMFT, as well as consultant, supervisor, professor, mentor, and wellness warrior for mental health professionals. (I'm also a systems theory nerd. Shhhhh....) I have gone through the therapist life, and my mission is to make it simpler for you by providing tips, education, and a bunch of resources based on research. I also share my personal experiences, mistakes, and professional journey. I simplify therapy techniques and theories into simple solutions and action steps that will benefit your therapy work right now. I also focus daily on building community for therapists and counselors, so that you don't have to do the therapist life alone.

After working as a therapist in a variety of settings (private practice, church counseling, agency work, and hospitals), I noticed my struggles and disappointments when applying my knowledge in often hectic environments. As a clinical supervisor and professor, I learned from students and other therapists about their main challenges and greatest needs. I started Family Therapy Basics to offer solutions for these common problems, and I created The Refreshed Therapist Network as a place where therapists could go with the often isolating demands of the therapist life. Of course, I am still learning, too, so let's learn together!

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