Refresh News: September Thoughts, and How To Supplement Your Therapy Income Online

How To Supplement Your Income Online

I think of September as a "back to serious business" month. 

Kids go back to school; clients start coming back to therapy; and schedules must, for many of us, get back to the usual rhythm.

As the pace changes, I find it valuable to bring a reminder from the previous season into this new time.

In my first class this semester, I asked the students to share their favorite moment from this summer. This was my way of helping them celebrate and transition.

In invite you to take a minute, and think about your favorite moment from the summer:

What was it?

Where were you?

How did you feel?

What made it special?

From this place of recollection, consider that, likely, the reason you own a business, and the reason you work hard toward your vision, is found in this moment--the way you felt, the people with you, or the experince you created. Perhaps you own a business for flexibility--to have more time for these moments, or maybe it's to model something beautiful for your family. 

Keep this purpose for your hard work in mind, today, and throughout the month. Not only as a reminder to keep going, but also as a reminder to step back.

Wishing you all the best, 💛


Ili Rivera Walter // RTN Founder

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Live class: Inside look into how we connect our website, email, and payment systems. October 4th, 12 PM ET.

Live class and Q+A: Organization, and Back-Office Branding, with Hope Eden. October 28th, 12 PM ET. 

Masterclass: How To Supplement Your Income Online.  In this class, Ili covers the best options for supplementing your income online, how to choose the option that's right for you, the tools and tech you'll need, and, of course, how not to burn out in the process! View the class. >>

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