The Top Benefit Of Taking Insurance For Your Therapy Services

Danielle Kepler | The Top Benefit of Taking Insurance

Danielle Kepler, LCPC is June’s guest expert in The Refreshed Therapist Network. She joined us to discuss the pros and cons of taking insurance in private practice, as well as how therapists can decide if taking insurance is the right choice for them.

This brief video is an excerpt from her masterclass. Danielle explains the #1 benefit of taking insurance. View it, and/or read the transcript, below.


For today’s interview, I have Danielle Kepler with me. She is a health insurance guru and group practice owner. And, she's in Chicago—if you guys can see that big building in the window of her beautiful office.

Her website—where she does the building side of her business, and the health insurance guru side of her business, is

How Therapists Can Decide If Taking Insurance Is The Right Choice

Let’s start with how clinicians can decide: “Is insurance the right direction for me, for my business?”

DK: I mean, it's a very very big decision, and it's also a personal business decision. People always ask me — you do Insurance credentialing, you know consulting and everything, so, of course, you're biased. But, It's not for everybody. It takes a certain... I should call it, like, grit.

The #1 Benefit of Taking Insurance

DK: So, I put this in quotes when I was doing my notes, because not everything is essentially free. But, I like to look at insurance like free marketing, basically.

You get put on an insurance panel provider directory, and that's where clients go to search providers. Like, any type of medical provider they would want. They would go to their insurance directory, and look up by (it's called) specialty, and then zip code, and it would pop up a list of providers that accept their insurance. Then, if you're in-network, your name would be on that list.

So, right away . . . you get on that list if you're in network. So that's definitely a directory that people who don't accept insurance are not on. And, what's really cool now is that . . . some of them actually have—You can put a bio, and a picture on it, like a free Psychology Today profile.

Those who don't put their picture and stuff on it, I really think they're not using that resource for that referral base accurately. So, anytime an insurance company allows you to do that, you should definitely do it, because it's right there. They (i.e., potential clients) see your face. You can link to your website.

So that's it's of like free marketing in that sense, too.

This month in The Refreshed Therapist Network, we’re discussing all things health insurance in private practice.

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