The story of The Refreshed Therapist Network is, in many ways, my story, which centers on my experience of personal change requiring professional change. I decided to start The Refreshed Therapist Network, during a time when I went through major life changes. I found myself drained and no longer exhilarated by one-on-one sessions. These emotional experiences were unexpected and confusing, because I love being a therapist. Nevertheless, I pushed through them for a while, but then I realized that the way I was "doing" my therapist life was no longer working.

I began to listen to myself. I mean really listen. At first, there was only a quiet discomfort, but over time, it became a loud frustration. And, there was one clear message:  I no longer could (or wanted!) to sustain the same pace in my business. If I didn’t change, I would lose out on things that were more important to me than work. That’s when I decided that the way I worked had to change.  Now, flowing in work and life from my preferences and intuition was never a problem for me, but when it came to using these to define my work, I didn’t know where to begin.

I needed a community that was not only focused on business building, but one that could show me how to continue thriving as a therapist when life happens. It didn't exist, so I created it! This is exactly the focus of The Refreshed Therapist Network.

I share this story with you, so that you know my background, but also so that you know that it’s okay to change your mind and refocus your efforts towards goals that make more sense now. Sometimes, listening and changing course costs us less in the end than staying put. It's also okay to not have the answers and to sit with the questions until "answers arise to meet" them (Katie, 2016).  

The Refreshed Therapist Network is a community where you can honor your struggles and questions as you learn, wait, and perhaps, test new ways of being a therapist.