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Getting Licensed In More Than One State.

How to get a transcript from a Youtube video

Blogging, Vlogging, + Repurposing: What to Do, and What to Ignore

How to introduce mindfulness in therapy

Next steps after graduation

Tips for Instagram Etiquette

How to find your ideal client


Bonuses:  Guest Expert Q+A Recordings

Jessica helps me understand and apply my strengths.

From this masterclass:

Daniel Fava Website Essentials Q+A

Daniel Fava Website Essentials Q+A


Brief Q+A Interviews

Prevent Burnout, By Knowing Your Strengths, with Jessica Prater

How to Get and Stay Focused In Therapy, with Dr. AnnaLynn Schooley

Self-Care:  4 Signs It's Time to Take Care of Yourself, with Alison Crosthwait

Solution-Focused Brief Couple Therapy Tips, with Elliott Connie

How to Design Your Day:  Tips for Busy Therapists, with Katie Lee

The Art & Science of Therapy as Craft, with Dr. AnnLynn Schooley

The Art & Science of Therapy as Craft:  Crafting Questions, with Dr. AnnaLynn Schooley

Teen Social Media Use:  How to Engage Parents, with Leslie Baker


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