An online book club for the therapist life

Find inspiration and connection within a community of therapists.

Learn and apply new ideas to your life and work.


As a therapist, you most likely have too little time to do #allthethings. Most therapists love to learn, but the majority of our time is spent serving our clients, which means our ongoing personal and professional development takes a back seat.

The Refreshed Therapist Book Club is a space where you can infuse your work and life with regular learning, while connecting and discussing ideas with colleagues.

The book club is a place for finding "Cliff's Notes" through discussion as well as cultivating the refreshed therapist life by taking time for yourself.

It is a no-pressure, come-as-you-are, whatever-page-you're-on kind of place. 

Don't miss it!

Each month, we read and chat about the month's chosen book. Book topics include personal and professional development, as well as therapy.

The Book Club includes:

  • Ongoing discussion and live streams in the private Facebook group
  • Monthly book guide with main points, memorable quotes, and reflection questions to ensure you get the most from the month's read
  • Interact at your own pace; book-specific discussions are always available in the Facebook group
  • Books are chosen based on members' votes and suggestions.

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March's book selection is The Paradox of Choice, by Barry Schwartz.