Mastermind: January 5, 2018: 25% Practice Growth

Length: 48:25

Tracy is an LPC in Georgia. She is in part-time private practice, and works full-time for the school system.  In this meeting, we discuss:

  • Tracy's professional goals
  • How to step away from contract work and insurance billing in her private practice, and move toward private pay clients
  • How to choose one area of focus for marketing her expertise
  • A manageable marketing plan
  • Measurable growth goals
  • How to set private practice pricing


  • Growing your platform without taking on too many tasks
  • Exploring ways to leverage your knowledge and professional experience
  • The difference between a service provider and consultant role
  • The importance of tying your goals to a specific number, so that you know when you've reached your goal, and you can celebrate milestones
  • Using social media simply and strategically

Mastermind: 2018 Q1 Goals: December 15, 2018

Audio recording. Length: 54.48

Mastermind meeting with Kimberley.

We clarified her goals for 2018, and tied goals to a larger purpose as well as a desired income.


  • Divide your annual goals into quarterly action plans
  • Make goals measurable by, for example, number of clients, desired income, and target referral numbers. Or, if you're not in business, creative projects, educational priorities, etc.
  • Analyze your specific circumstance, as well as your strengths, in order to identify realistic steps and focus your efforts
  • Work on one goal at a time, and do only what is necessary for you to reach your goal (i.e., simplify).
  • Pay attention to both your therapist/provider and business owner/visionary roles. This is the flow between providing therapy and your larger mission.

We set goals every quarter during the quarterly goal-setting mastermind meeting. Stay tuned to your email for dates.

Mastermind Meeting, December 1, 2017: Completing tasks "on time"

Mastermind meeting with Kimberley.  We discussed her two main goals right now.

Find tips for:

  • ending sessions on time
  • completing documentation "on time"

Topics:  business tasks, progress notes, treatment plans, concise and collaborative documentation, state laws and rules regarding documentation, Simple Practice.

(Note: This was a last minute chat, so please excuse the bad lighting and dog barking!)