A Year In Review + Goal Setting Guide, 2018-2019

Topics covered: This masterclass is an accompaniment to the Year In Review Guide (found below). In it, I elaborate on the sections in the guide, and I provide tips on reviewing your year, why it matters, as well as goal-setting. It will be most helpful to view the class when you are ready to complete the guide. Length: 23:26.

Grab the guide, below:

A Year In Review + Goal Setting Guide

A Year In Review + Goal Setting Guide



Example of each goal type:

S. M. A. R. T. : I will begin a therapy group, with 8 participants, by the end of January.

W. I. S. E. : I will create opportunities for clients in my community to connect + grow.

STRETCH: I will run three full groups throughout 2019.


The Bullet Journal + method: bulletjournal.com

I’ve used this method, and it worked well for me. It’s fully customizable, which is one of its main benefits. If you don’t know much about the bullet journal method, watch the video on the website, above. You’ll also find resources on my bullet journal Pinterest board.

Cultivate What Matters Power Sheets Goal Planner

The Power Sheets aren’t a planner in the traditional sense. The system helps you articulate your goals, and then focus on them on a monthly basis.

The following are “subscription” planners. They require ongoing purchasing, because they are designed to help you achieve your goals over a specific period of time.

The Full Focus Journal, from Michael Hyatt: fullfocusjournal.com

The SELF Journal, from BestSelf. (What I am currently using. It includes quarterly goal-setting, daily wins + gratitude, along with a daily planner).