Private Practice Website Essentials that Attract Clients with Daniel Fava

Topics Covered: three private practice website essentials that attract clients, the goal of your website, SEO, and blogging.  Length:  25 minutes

Bonus Video (at the bottom of the page):  Common mistakes therapists make when designing their private practice websites.  Length:  11 minutes

Class Notes

Daniel's Background

Daniel Fava is the creator and founder of, where he shares tips, tutorials, and website reviews that all focus on how to attract clients with a private practice website, SEO tips, web design, Wordpress, etc. Daniel has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a focus on Web Design and has been working in the industry for over 11 years.


Inspiration (quotes from Daniel)

  • The goal of your website is to fill up your calendar with the types of clients that you know are in need of your services. There are people that need your help and it is your responsibility to reach them, and one way to do that is with a website that is focused on the people that you love to help.
  • Put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes and write from a place of empathy.
  • When you write on a regular basis, you begin to learn what topics you are most passionate about, and you will learn, grow, and become a better communicator when you blog.
  • Blog consistently, because it has been shown to increase traffic and clients.


1.  A detailed About page that is focused on the clients you serve


  • It’s not actually about you, it’s about your potential client
  • Put yourself in your ideal clients’ shoes, and write from a place of empathy
  • Include a call to action


  • Your about page is not actually about you, it’s about your potential clients.
  • It's the second most visited page on your website
  • You only have about 2-3 seconds to let your potential client know you can help them
  • Present challenges, then solutions
  • The majority of people landing on your site want to know about you before they do anything with you.

2.  Keyword-rich webpages for each specialty or service in your private practice

  • Having one catch-all page for your services and specialties is not enough for your website. You are missing a huge opportunity to boost SEO and inform your potential clients.
  • Speciality pages focus on the issues and problems you enjoy treating in your practice; they in turn, boost your SEO, and are valuable resources that can educate your potential clients.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Strategies to increase ranking in search engine results
  • It’s about helping people find the BEST information

Ways to optimize web pages and blog posts

  • A simple SEO-friendly URL
  • Include multimedia on the page or post
  • Put your keyword at the front of your title tag, or make sure it’s in your title
  • Have your keyword appear in subheadings

3.  A blog that you consistently post new content on, covering topics you address in your practice

7 benefits of having a blog on your website

  1. Blogging can increase your web traffic
  2. Blogging can help refine the focus of your therapy practice
  3. An active blog can boost your search engine page rank
  4. A blog can increase your “like, know, and trust” factor
  5. Blogging can help show your expertise to your potential clients
  6. Blogging can lead to more clients in your private practice
  7. Blogging is a free marketing system


Bonus Video