True Calling and Presence with John Harrison

Topics:  Being confident in work with clients by tapping into our own strengths, how to maintain focus in session, being cognitive vs. present, therapists' thoughts in session, fear of not having control in sessions, business tips, how our therapist journeys impact presence and our relationships, engaging and releasing.  Length:  47 minutes



  • Quote: “My current experience and how I’m judging it may not be the ultimate reality.”

  • Connection is a feeling not a thought

  • Quote: "If we can realize that life is always happening for us, not to us... game over, all the pain and suffering disappears." --Tony Robbins

Suggestions for cultivating presence

  • Personal therapy

  • Building awareness

  • Recognizing the human element of therapy

How to tap into presence

  • When and where do you already have that ability?

  • Develop a healthy sense of faith

  • Not knowing, and being okay with it

  • We’re present when we’re not tied to a result

These allow strengths to rise up naturally


  • Burned out by “shoulds”

  • Don’t miss the process—allow the how to lead you to the next step

  • Don’t get married to an idea--take it one step at a time

  • Developing our why. Where am I getting my satisfaction that drives my work and my energy?”

  • How can we be fulfilled?

  • Having a responsibility to the world

  • Make the “how tos” serve us

Finding our strengths (how we can change the world)

  • Be okay with who we are

  • Write or journal a personal inventory:

    • Be specific on values—main and subsets

    • Build goals and plans around values (what’s really important to you?)

  • Recognize and empower our strengths

    • Understand that we deserve to share them and other people deserve to receive