Purpose and Innovative Practice with Celeste Coffman

Topics covered:  Licensing, transitioning from employee to private practice, life purpose, self care, target audience and brand development, creating a client experience, marketing and press opportunities, business collaboration and building a team, work/life boundaries.  Length:  46 minutes

Class Notes


Inspiration (Quotes from Celeste)

  • Why did you not create the things that were in your head?

  • Why did you not move forward with this message that you have that you want to share with the world?

  • Hey—there must be something else . . .

  • Working in a way that fits for our family

  • "Luck is where opportunity meets preparation." --Roman philosopher, Seneca

Developing a target audience

  • What would it look like if I were to only serve women?

  • Brand identity

  • Ideal client development and rationale

  • The idea of your struggle being your niche—Celeste said she suffered with anxiety, now she serves women with anxiety

Creating a client experience

  • Wellness perspective

  • Client e-mail newsletter

  • Strategies: Offers coffee, small client gifts and tote bags, collaborative diagnosing and treatment planning

PR + Marketing

  • Create a one sheet (Download Celeste's one sheet; it's also available in the library)

    • Headshot

    • Specialties

    • Short bio

    • Contact information

  • Send one sheet to prospects (guest blog posts, podcasts, local events, etc.)

  • Facebook groups

How Celeste stays refreshed

  • Spiritual life

  • Family life

  • Keeping a strict schedule

  • Exercise

  • Massage (spa membership)



Recipe for salmon patties (YUM!)

In a small bowl beat one egg lightly.  Preheat a skillet with 1-2 Tbs olive oil.  To the egg, add a small can of Double Q boneless-skinless pink salmon and mix lightly with a fork.   Add about 1/4 cup corneal to the mix, then add about 1/4 cup of panko breadcrumbs (or crushed cornflakes).  The mixture needs to stick together somewhat; add more dry ingredients until you can form into 2-4 patties.  Pan fry in the skillet until crisp; drain on paper towels and serve.