Welcome to your orientation.

On this page, you have essential details you can access at any time, so that you know what to do next and feel comfortable and at home within this community. If you have a question or concern that isn't addressed here, reach out as soon as possible.

The information provided here is also available as a download at the bottom of this page.

*If you'd like to complete your orientation at a later time, it is linked on the Home page.

Welcome + Quick Orientation


First Steps

Get started by making your way through these first steps:

  • Read this page and view the orientation welcome video below
  • Ask to join the Members' Room (our Facebook group for RTN members from both the Learn and Grow levels). Once approved, introduce yourself!
  • Head over to Home, and view the latest masterclass, or peruse all the masterclasses (found in the library).
  • Take a look at the RTN library resources
  • Add ili@refreshedtherapistnetwork.com and support@refreshedtherapistnetwork.com to your safe email list to ensure you receive all email communication. Email is the main way we reach out with updates and other important information.

Important details

There are a few additional details that will help you feel settled in RTN, and ensure you get the most from your benefits:

Website + Navigation

  • Log in to the RTN community at refreshedtherapistnetwork.com. If you're not re-directed to the Grow Level Home page, type bit.ly/rtnglhome in your browser window.
  • The best way to navigate the RTN site is via the home page.
  • Once you are inside the RTN site, the navigation menu is on the bottom of each page, in the footer.
  • The contact page is also linked in the footer; please use it to submit feedback and questions, or ask for support.
  • View your membership details via the Your Account link, and find further details via the Membership Details page; both are found in the footer navigation. To make changes to your membership plan, or if you have any difficulty with accessing your account, contact support@refreshedtherapistnetwork.com

Email Communication

The week you become a member, you'll receive several e-mails checking in on your progress and offering support. After the first week, you'll receive one email per week with updates, highlights from the week's activities, as well as tips for planning your week.

Maximizing Your Membership Benefits

  • Download the New Member Checklist + Orientation document to get settled in RTN during your first week. If you'd rather do this later, you can find the checklist at the bottom of this page.
  • To make the most of your membership benefits daily, download the RTN Daily Checklist. It gives you tips on how to take advantage of all the benefits your RTN membership offers.

Ongoing Q+A

  • Submit a question for a video response at any time, using this form. The form is also linked in the footer navigation, and on the home page.

Mastermind Meetings

  • Mastermind meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month at 12 PM EST. View the monthly meeting schedule as well as registration details on the mastermind page (this page is also linked on the Home page).


  • Masterclasses are interviews with and classes by therapists that offer education, provide insight into guest experts' therapist story, and/or offer tips on a specific aspect of the therapist life. The latest masterclass is linked on the home page, and all available masterclasses are found in Library-->Masterclasses. New masterclasses are released the first week of the month.g


We are interested in your experience and suggestions as an RTN member. Your feedback impacts how we design this community on an ongoing basis, so that it continues to grow in value for current and future members. Please send constructive criticism as well as affirmation via the Contact page, or use support@refreshedtherapistnetwork.com. Thanks!


In order to stay organized and be able to access all your resources, we recommend you use a binder for your RTN “stuff.” Add this orientation as your first item!

I'm so glad you're here, and I'm excited to connect with you! Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

--Ili + the RTN team

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