Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Refreshed Therapist Network (RTN)?

RTN is an online community where therapists and mental health professionals can learn, collaborate, and connect from the comfort of their home or office.

How is RTN different from other therapist membership programs?

Most memberships available for therapists focus on either theory mastery, or private practice building.  Those that are masterminds or virtual supervision groups require a high level of investment, similar to face-to-face meetings.  At RTN, our mission is to address the therapist life holistically.  Yes, we will present information about, and help you achieve your goals, including building a private practice (if it is your goal); but here, we'll also address the many, often ignored details of what it means to live and work as a therapist.

What happens when I click "JOIN NOW"?

When you click "Join Now," you'll see a registration pop-up. Enter your details and your credit card information.

Once you register, you will be re-directed to the RTN New Member Orientation, and you'll receive a welcome email details.

General FAQ

How will The RTN save me time?

RTN is a one-stop-shop for education, resources, and community.  You have a place to go with questions, and experts that provide invaluable information that will shorten your learning curve. It saves you research time, meeting time, and best of all--you can learn and collaborate on your own time.

What is the monthly membership rate for RTN?

The monthly membership rate for RTN is $35/month.

Do I have to own a business or private practice to join the RTN?

No.  Most therapists choose a variety of work environments and specialties throughout their careers. For this reason, the RTN is designed to be relevant for therapists at any stage of their career or business. RTN is a great fit for you, if you are interested in building a platform for your expertise; that may mean writing, speaking, starting a podcast, etc., whether or not you own a traditional private practice.

Do you have online support?

Yes. Although I often write in first person, I have a small team that works with me to keep the RTN running smoothly, and most importantly, to make sure that you have everything you need to feel at home as a member. 

Will my membership rate increase?

NO! As long as you remain a member, your current rate will remain the same.  Your rate will never increase. If you join during a special trial period, after the trial period, your rate will go up the the standard rate and will never increase as long as you remain a member.

How will I know about new content?

Through email communication, and community posts, we will keep you updated on what we're working on as well as upcoming content.  As an RTN member, you also have a voice in selecting upcoming content.  Feedback is an ongoing part of the membership.  We are committed to providing what will be useful for you right now.

How will I be able to live and work well?

The mission of the RTN is to show you how to incorporate your creativity and sense of purpose into your work as a therapist.  My job as the RTN facilitator (in partnership with guest experts), is to show you the options that exist for earning income, deepening your skills, and crafting creative work, as well as providing actionable solutions.  Through the information and ideas provided in the membership, you will have knowledge, vision, and direction for moving forward with work, and a life, you love.

Why should I join?

Because life is better with people. :-)  And, you may not yet know what you don't know, or what's missing in your work and life.

Who should join?

The RTN is a perfect place for therapists and mental health professionals that are in need of community, want access to other therapists and feedback when they need it, are curious about ways to expand their income, and want creative ideas for sustaining purpose and passion in their work.  It's for any therapist, really.

How do I know if RTN is right for me?

This community is right for you if you are ready to take ownership of your professional life and learn how to blend your life and work in sustainable ways. Members who thrive in this community find ways to interact that work best for them, and they check-in with other members and new information on a regular basis.

This community is not right for you, if you are 100% satisfied with your current professional life, you are not challenged by maintaining balance, managing your schedule, growing your business/career, or, if you are not able to participate in the community or take advantage of the features available (that is, if you cannot use your membership).

How can you ensure I enjoy the membership features?

We make participation easy and fun, by sending you updates and highlights, providing a thorough orientation, and being available when you need support. Ultimately, your enjoyment of RTN will depend on using your membership in ways that work best for you. We support you in setting goals and focusing membership resources each month.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the fact that The Refreshed Therapist Network is a digital service and not a physical product, we have a no refunds policy. You may cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked, by emailing

When you cancel your membership, your membership access will extend through the remainder of your billing period, ensuring you have access throughout your payment month. Once you reach the end of the billing period, you will no longer have access to the membership features. You will not be charged for any future months. We do not offer full or pro-rated refunds for cancellations within a billing period.

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