Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Refreshed Therapist Network (RTN)?

RTN is an online community where therapists and mental health professionals can learn, collaborate, and connect from the comfort of their home or office.

How is RTN different from other therapist membership programs?

Most memberships available for therapists focus on either theory mastery, or private practice building.  Those that are masterminds or virtual supervision groups require a high level of investment, similar to face-to-face meetings.  At RTN, our mission is to address the therapist life holistically.  Yes, we will present information about, and help you achieve, deeper theoretical knowledge or a thriving private practice (if those are your goals); but here, we'll also address the many, often ignored details of what it means to live and work as a therapist.


The Learn Level

How do I know if The Learn Level is right for me?

If you're looking to learn on your own time and at your own pace, then the Learn Level is the right membership for you.

What happens when I sign up?

You'll be redirected to the RTN Orientation page, where you'll find all of the information you need to get settled in as a member. You'll also receive the information via email.

What are the benefits and features?

You'll have access to all past and future masterclasses taught by guest experts on topics relevant to the lifestyle, business/career, and practice of therapy. Masterclasses include downloadable notes and resources. In addition, you will have access to all printable and downloadable resources in the RTN Library, unlimited questions submission, and access to the new Q+A video library. 

Does this level include a community?

Yes! The Learn Level includes access to the Members' Room (a Facebook group), where you can connect with all members at any time. 

What is the investment?

The investment is $29/month, billed monthly, recurring.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. Cancel at any time, by emailing support@therefreshedtherapistnetwork. No risk!

Can I request masterclass topics?

Absolutely! Member suggestions are the number #1 way we choose masterclass content. Email us with your suggestions.


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The Grow Level

How do I know if the Grow Level is right for me?

The grow level is for therapists who have ideas for growing their business or career, but they're not sure where to begin, how to focus their efforts, or how to get results. It's also for you, if you'd like to expand your reach, develop a platform for your message, or otherwise accomplish BIG goals. This is the mastermind level membership; it includes live mastermind meetings and a private Grow Level community for connecting, and receiving individualized feedback as well as exclusive content.

What happens after I sign up?

After registering, you'll be redirected to the RTN Orientation page, where you'll find all of the information you need to get settled in as a member. You'll also receive orientation information via email.  

Is this a new level of RTN?

Yes. The Grow Level is a new level developed in order to give special attention to those members that want a higher level of accountability, action, and results. It is a professional mastermind designed to help you move forward with your specific goals (which you'll also be able to set and specify within the community). 

What are the benefits and features?

The main benefits of the Grow level are that you receive accountability as well as constant support for achieving your goals. It is a community of therapists ready to take action and encourage one another. 

You'll participate in live mastermind meetings aimed at providing specific solutions and direction for your situation, have opportunities to participate in special events and meetings with guest experts, and receive ongoing support and pointers.

The Grow Level includes an exclusive app and site for connecting with members and mentors at any time.

When are live mastermind meetings held?

Mastermind meetings will be held the first and third Friday of the month at 12 PM EST. Meetings take place in Zoom, and you are able to participate via computer or phone. Registration information will be emailed, and posted on the RTN site as well as within the communities.

What is the investment?

The investment is $69/month, for a minimum of 3 months (billed monthly). The reason for the minimum is to foster community and ensure that you are able to take significant action and see results. 

How do I cancel if the RTN isn't the right fit for me?

Due to our availability to answer any question before you join, we believe it will be a great fit. But, if for any reason, you choose to move on once the minimum requirement has been reached, simply email us at support@refreshedtherapistnetwork, or use the RTN Contact page. If it's a perfect fit, you'll be charged monthly on a recurring basis. Cancel at any time, after the minimum, by contacting us.


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General FAQ

How will The RTN save me time?

RTN is a one-stop-shop for education, resources, and community.  You have a place to go with questions, and experts that provide invaluable information that will shorten your learning curve. It saves you research time, meeting time, and best of all--you can learn and collaborate on your own time, even in your pajamas!

Do I have to own a business or private practice to join the RTN?

No.  Most therapists choose a variety of work environments and specialties throughout their careers. For this reason, the RTN is designed to be relevant for therapists at any stage, serving a variety of populations in a myriad of therapeutic environments.

Do you have online support?

Yes. Although I often write in first person, I have a small team that works with me to keep the RTN running smoothly, and most importantly, to make sure that you have everything you need to feel at home as a member. 

Will my membership rate increase?

NO! As long as you remain a member, your current rate for your chosen level will remain the same.  Your rate will never increase.

How will I know about new content?

Through email communication, and community posts, we will keep you updated on what we're working on and what expert content is coming up.  As an RTN member, you'll also have a voice that will impact our upcoming content.  Feedback is an ongoing part of the membership.  We strive to provide what will be useful for you right now.

How will I be able to create work and a life I love?

The mission of the RTN is to show you how to incorporate your creativity and sense of purpose into your work as a therapist.  My job as the RTN facilitator (in partnership with guest experts), is to show you the options that exist for earning income, deepening your skills, and crafting creative work, as well as providing actionable advice.  Through the information and ideas provided in the membership, you will have knowledge, vision, and direction for moving forward with work you love.

Why should I join?

Because life is better with people. :-)  And, you may not yet know what you don't know, or what's missing in your work and life.

Who should join?

The RTN is a perfect place for therapists and mental health professionals that are in need of community, want access to other therapists and feedback when they need it, are curious about ways to expand their income, and want creative ideas for sustaining purpose and passion in their work.  It's for any therapist, really.

It's also a perfect community for students. As a student, you'll have access to a community of therapists as well as information that is based on the lives and lessons of therapists that have been practicing for decades. In addition, you'll get invaluable business, career, and therapist lifestyle advice.



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