Find support for the therapist life,

and get refreshed through collaboration, inspiration, and community.


If you:

then, The Refreshed Therapist Network is the place for you! 



  • encouragement from a community of like-minded therapists

  • ideas that will shorten your learning curve and save you time

  • a community of experts that have been there and understand

  • strategies that consider the uniqueness of the therapist life


which is why every aspect of the therapist life--therapy, lifestyle, career, and more-- is addressed in RTN.









The Refreshed Therapist Network is with you at every stage of your therapist journey,

by providing the right level of information and interaction for where you are right now.


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Refreshed Therapist Network Masterclasses

Monthly interviews with therapists and experts that provide step-by-step guidance on how to accomplish your professional goals and thrive in life + work.  Hear therapists' stories, learn time-saving strategies, and get practical guidance from those who've been there and are doing the work. Class topics are chosen by members. Plus, you get access to the library of recorded classes through the RTN library. Take a peek at some of the masterclasses.


Refreshed Therapist Network Q+A

Submit your questions at any time, and they will be answered via video. You have access to all video answers in the RTN Library. There's no need to write down your wonderings, or wait until the "right time." Ask away, when the question strikes!




Refreshed Therapist Network Live Community

Twice monthly mastermind meetings aimed at providing specific solutions to specific problems. Get personalized direction and coaching for reaching your goals, and learn from others during hot seats. Work smarter, not harder, and see how much you will accomplish! 



Refreshed Therapist Network Resource Library

Access to the RTN Library of resources that includes all masterclasses and Q+A video recordings, templates, worksheets, checklists, and all new content developed by member request and provided by guest experts. Your community benefits expand each month as the library content grows. Learn and interact on your own time with the peace of mind that all resources are available for you in the library!



The Member's Room is a private Facebook group for online discussion, where you connect with other members in real time. Ask questions, find support, and receive timely feedback when you need it. This is the member hub for networking and brainstorming, which makes collaboration and conversation easy and fun.  


The Refreshed Therapist Book Club

Join RTN, and receive the book club for free, for the life of your membership! Read and discuss the latest and greatest on personal and professional development within a community of like-minded therapists. The book club includes, monthly: a book selection, ongoing chats, and a book guide.

Learn more about the book club.


Learn on your own time:

Dig into therapy techniques and approaches

Explore how to design a career you love

Find guidance for implementing soul care strategies

Get the latest information from experts

Get the most from community:

Be part of a mastermind of motivated therapists

Get coaching and ideas from those who've done it

Feel secure with step-by-step guidance

Pursue your dreams and take action with ongoing, immediate, live support


               Denise Fournier

               Denise Fournier

Working as a therapist in private practice can sometimes be isolating, and it's an ongoing challenge to stay up-to-speed on what's happening in the field. The Refreshed Therapist Network showed up at just the right time for me, and I've gotten tremendous value from all it has to offer. The timely and relevant content keeps me informed, and it encourages me to know I have access to a community of likeminded professionals who can relate to my experiences in practice. RTN is a fabulous resource for therapists, regardless of their discipline or practice setting, and I'm grateful it exists!

Dr. Denise Fournier, Evergreen Therapy (

Writer, Psychology Today, Mindfully Present, Fully Alive

                 Jane Brajkovich

                 Jane Brajkovich

               Alison Crosthwait

               Alison Crosthwait

The RTN offers a safe place for therapists to find support and inspiration. I joined right after graduating with a degree in counseling.  Navigating the professional landscape as a new therapist was confusing and overwhelming for me.  Ili and the community of therapists offered me invaluable insights and advice on topics like job hunting, supervision issues, state licensing requirements, self-care, . . . that I was not able to find anywhere else.  I highly recommend joining! 

Being a therapist is a particularly difficult job. We are exposed to a lot of pain. And expected to help. Self care for a therapist is, therefore, a particular need. The Refreshed Therapist Network is a great way to connect with other therapists and take a deeper look at your own self care. There are so many helpful resources in there to support you and your practice.  And the monthly masterclasses give you something new to connect with every month. If you are a therapist looking to make connections and revive yourself, RTN is a great place to start.

Alison Crosthwait, The Good Therapists (


  • discover how to blend your training with your passion.

  • create and sustain work that fits your desired lifestyle.

  • find a safe space to share your struggles and successes.

  • set and achieve goals for expanding your platform.

Two Membership Options

Choose the level that's right for you.


             Learn. Ask. Apply.

             Learn. Ask. Apply.

Learn at your personal pace.

The Learn Level includes:

  • access to all past and current masterclasses
  • The Members' Room--a forum for connecting with other members when you need it most.
  • all downloadable and printable resources from the RTN library, including checklists, worksheets, step-by-step guides, and more! Resources are provided by guest experts and developed in order to help you take action on what you learned in each masterclass.
  • unlimited opportunities to submit questions and receive answers via video
  • access to all Q + A videos
  • planning emails to help you organize your week
  • RTN Book Club



         Decide. Act. Grow.

         Decide. Act. Grow.

An exclusive mastermind community for therapists ready to take action and see results through the accountability and structure of a mastermind.

The Grow Level includes:

  • twice monthly mastermind meetings with member hot seats in each meeting, for individualized direction
  • an exclusive mastermind community for accountability, asking questions, and connecting with mastermind buddies, so you can stay on track.
  • everything in The Learn Level (unlimited Q + A, all masterclasses, the member's room, and the resource library)
  • access to guest experts during special events
  • planning emails to help you organize your week
  • RTN Book Club


(3 month minimum)


Billed monthly, recurring. Cancel any time.

Billed monthly, recurring. Cancel any time after minimum.


Behind the Scenes: Your Facilitator

Ili Rivera Walter, PhD, LMFT Therapist mentor + community builder

Ili Rivera Walter, PhD, LMFT

Therapist mentor + community builder

Hi. I'm Ili, the founder and facilitator of The Refreshed Therapist Network. This community is a project of passion and need. You see, as a therapist, I've experienced isolation in work and confusion in business. I've also had to face tough decisions about how to prioritize my values, and the people I love, while contributing to the world as a therapist. I built this network, so that you don't have to face these experiences without support.

I've also longed to pick the brains of other therapists, as well as my therapy mentors and heroes. Through this network, I bring you these interviews and classes, in order to shorten your learning curve and nurture new, exciting ideas for your life and work.

I LOVE being a therapist--a marriage and family therapist in particular, and I believe that being a therapist is the BEST profession in the world. It also brings unique challenges.

There's a ton of information "out there" for therapists about building private practices and learning specific theories. Until now (until RTN), however, there hasn't been a community where we could go to get honest about what it means to live life as a therapist, while growing in therapy skills and business acumen. Welcome to this new space.

Although I am a seasoned therapist, and I have areas of expertise (you can read more about me, and the RTN story, here), I am not the only expert of this community. I also facilitate others' expertise, and bring it to you, so that you have a wealth of information and perspectives.


As a therapist, I understand your struggles. I built this community based on my knowledge of the therapist life. It is designed to support you, give back, make your work more efficient, and prepare you to achieve your goals. Within community, we can accomplish so much more!

As a result of being a member, you will:

  • learn from those who've been there and done it
  • have access to other therapists that can answer your questions
  • gain courage through a community that will cheer for you
  • shorten your learning curve through guest experts' stories and instruction
  • know where to go when you're feeling stuck, confused, or overwhelmed
  • feel confident that you're creating work that fits your interests, strengths, and vision
  • understand how to live refreshed as a therapist

This community is designed to be a one-stop-shop for you--where you will save time, see results, love your work, and live your life!

Don't wait.