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About The Refreshed Therapist Network


The Refreshed Therapist Network (RTN) is an online paid membership community for therapists, counselors, and mental health professionals. The mission of RTN is "to support therapists as they seek and find clarity in work, connections that sustain creativity and joy, and courage for sharing their specific message with those who need it most."

RTN partners with guest experts to provide invaluable information to community members. While most guest experts are trained as therapists, we also accept experts across a variety of disciplines.

The goal of RTN is to provide ideas and resources that inspire therapists to live and work well—that help therapists shorten their learning curve as they create and sustain work, and a life, they love.




Guest experts are prominently featured in The Refreshed Therapist Network through recorded masterclasses that are available for all current and future members, as well as optional interaction with members via the online network and/or live meetings.

We seek contribution from guest experts who are passionate about supporting professionals at any stage of their career, willing to share "lessons learned" on their career/business journey, and have an area of expertise as well as a platform (blog, book, speaking, etc.). 



Your contribution

Guest Expert Masterclasses

Guest experts are an integral part of RTN. Experts share their career/business journeys, as well as actionable tips related to a subject of expertise. This information is provided via recorded video interviews and is then made part of the resources available to all RTN members, current and future.  

Also, as part of the guest expert contribution, a brief video interview is recorded to be featured on the Family Therapy Basics blog. The brief video is also posted on the Refreshed Therapist Network Youtube channel. Both the masterclass and the blog video are promoted via social media.

The Benefits

Guest Expert Exposure

As a result of contributing as a guest expert in RTN, you have the opportunity to build relationships with therapists at a variety of professional stages. 

You also receive online exposure via the Family Therapy Basics (FTB) blog, ongoing social media mentions, and a targeted audience for your expertise. The FTB blog currently has approximately 18,000 unique visitors per month. Your status as guest expert is also shared with an email list of approximately 14,000.




Masterclasses | Refreshed Therapist Network

While all masterclass topics are considered during the open proposal process, these topics are currently a priority:

  • Ethical social media marketing

  • Planning, promoting, and hosting live events (either online or in person)

  • How to practice therapy through a personal crisis

  • Podcasting + creating audio content

  • Why money mindset matters for life + business.

*Again, please apply no matter your area of expertise.


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