Book Club FAQ

What is the Refreshed Therapist Book Club?

The Refreshed Therapist Book Club is a book club for psychotherapists.  It includes a monthly book selection, book guide, and ongoing discussion.  The meeting space for the book club is a private Facebook group.

How it works

This is an online book club that works like a typical in-person book club, except the meeting space is online. We have two options for your online space: a Facebook group, or a non-social media group hosted on Mighty Networks. You choose the best option for you, and we give you lots of fun stuff! :-)

Each month, you purchase the chosen book in your preferred format (audio, e-book, or print), you read based on the suggested reading schedule, or at your own pace, and you discuss the book with other book club members. In addition, you receive a downloadable book guide, weekly videos on important points from the readings, and the opportunity to participate in special events.

What commitment is required to be a member of the book club?

The book club is designed to be a no pressure space.  Follow the suggested reading schedule, or go at your own pace.  You can make the book club work for you!

What is the member fee for the book club?

$9 per month, billed monthly. Cancel any time by emailing support@refreshedtherapistnetwork.  There's no minimum commitment, and no cancellation fee. 

What type of books will be included in the book club?

Personal and professional development, therapy, and business topics will be included in the book club.  Members are able to suggest books for future reading and vote on final options.

What if I've already read the chosen book?

Share your insights in the community, and enjoy a "light" month. :-)

What happens when I click the "Join Now" button?

You'll be asked for registration information, as well as payment. You'll receive further instructions via a welcome email.

What is your refund policy?

Because the book club is a service, not a product, we do not offer refunds. If your credit card is billed for the month, you will remain subscribed for the current month. If you wish to cancel within a billing period, your cancellation will begin the following month.

Have other questions?  Contact us.